Welcome To Avalon

Avalon Island is a fictional island. The Island is known for its wide variety of wildlife and nature.

In later time multiple towns & villages have arisen. In turn, this made the island nearly self-sufficient. With the expetion of some import and export over sea.

The island is populated by a number of people, everyone seems friendly and happy to assist. With that said crime is not completely extinct, but rest assured the Avalon Police Department is doing their best to keep criminals at bay!

Will you be the next citizen of Avalon Island?

Police Officer

Work as a Police Officer, catching criminals, speeders and upholding the law is just some of your daily tasks!

Fire & Rescue

Work with Fire & Rescue saving the wonderful people of Avalon from medical emergencies, fires, and major incidents.

Work opportunities

On Avalon there are heaps of work opportunities, in many sectors.

Want civilian work?
Why not start your own company, Build vehicles items or gear.

Or perhaps you would rather want a part-time job? Garbage Man, Delivery Driver, Lumber Jack, Mechanic or one of many many other jobs available.

But perhaps you would rather want to apply for our wonderful and skilled Police Department or Fire & Rescue.

The choice is yours!